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Concept Art Book of the future
featuring visions held by entrepreneurs shaping the future.

A concept art book is a book made in the process of making films or TV series.
It includes rough sketches and descriptions of the characters,
and illustrations and ideas about the world where the story takes place.
By illustrating the future visions of entrepreneurs and scientists,
we believe it’s possible to reach out to the hearts of more people around the world.

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Our Mission

There are many books that predict the future, but they are only written by someone who studied it, and they only forecast what can be expected from current data.
However, we believe disruptive changes can only be felt by those who are actually making them.

At VISIONGRAPH, we’d like to create something totally different from other interview-based media by illustrating the future visions that the entrepreneurs themselves have.

By visualizing the various visions they have and compiling them into a concept art book, we aim to create contents that everyone can enjoy.

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Parallax Presentation

VISIONS of the future inventors in Japan

There are young Japanese people starting new global endeavours, riding the waves of the makers movement and the Internet of Things.

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Japanese aesthetics x Visions of the future inventors

Japanese pop culture such as manga and anime has been a source of inspiration around the world.
When you actually look at the activities of Japanese inventors, it is clear that the kind of world depicted in Ghost in the Shell, where people connect directly to the Internet, is about to come true.

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Parallax Presentation 02

Episode 01 : exiii

Episode 01 features concept art of the world envisioned by the company exiii. They are developing “handiii”, a prosthetic hand made light and affordable by the use of 3D printers and smartphones.

exiii website


Please support us in completing the rest of the story.

In the complete booklet, we are planning to illustrate the world in 2025 combining the visions of several more Japanese entrepreneurs and scientists.

Available on Kickstartar

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The field

We are

VISIONGRAPH is a private organization based in Tokyo.
We help creators of the future connect with each other.
We place ourselves in business and technology communities like SXSW,
and create publications and digital contents.

We are SXSW Junkies!